The tie with the roots.
We are what we are because we come from a strong system of values: past, present and future are held tight. Our deep roots make us proud as well as the intuition and tenacity that guided our initial project , the strong affection to the territory, in view of reciprocating what people, their families and our partners gave us and keep on giving.

Reliability, soundness and solidity.
We have been reliable for 40 years. We want to deserve the trust we ask, always keeping commitments and promises. It is essential, to our success, that our relationship with employees, suppliers and customers is grounded on utmost trustworthiness.

The value of human resources.
We believe in either vocational training and opportunities given to the people who work with us: in a work environment characterized by quality and authenticity, one can share feelings like courage and intellectual curiosity, passion for challenges and desire for continuous improvement and for excellence. For all of us the value of people gives value to our work and to our products.

Innovation and research.
Our products and processes maintain a strong hallmark of innovation and research, production excellence and efficiency, fruit of high automation due to continuous investments. We pay great attention to details, techniques and materials used to ensure that our products are always the best on the market. We are proud of our many certifications on both products and processes and of our laboratories, recognized and internationally accredited, to be always a step ahead of the others.

Attention towards customers.
Each customer is a partner for us, hence we are constantly by his side through dedicated structures ensuring maximum availability and skill.

Made in Italy.
Made in Italy is for us synonymous with total quality, which we pursue in every production stage: we are fully titled to this label, since our production is totally made in Italy, in Altopascio.

The family.
The family, intended as a gift to preserve, protect and grow, was among the founding values of Fapim. Today nothing has changed, because each of us keeps finding in his own family as well as in the family of Fapim, a source of daily inspiration.